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Some thoughts for the new season

As we look back over the first half of the season I think we can say it was a successful time for us. Yes, there were mistakes, problems arose so we strive to make things better.

Lincoln Center has agreed to let senior scenes offer great films past and present showing at the Elinor Bunin and Walter Reade theaters. For many they will replace the much loved Lincoln Square Theater.

Certain well known NYC orchestras (not NYPHIL) are considering giving us a special ticket price.

Please keep certain procedures close at hand so that you can refer to them. When I send you the newsletter if you find something of interest I prefer that you email me to reserve an event. As I’ve said, email is proof of a transaction. A phone call, which I will accept, is prone to error. Your voice might not be clear and I’ll miss important details of your call, ie., your name, the event, the date, the number of tickets you wish to reserve. When I receive your email I will confirm your request. If my response is incorrect in any way let me know about it. Your payment should follow asap. If we wait we have a tendency to forget. If I notice a non payment I have to stop what I’m doing and contact you. It’s a waste of time. Another reason for quick payment has to do with the fact that I must pay the event quickly. They want to be sure that tickets I requested have been paid for and don’t have to be resold. Many events have me sign a contract to pay for tickets by a date certain. This is so for all the major events at Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, etc. When I confirm your payment. Record that payment on your initial email request for tickets.

When I buy the tickets I must wait for the event to send them to me. I distribute them, putting them in envelopes and bring them to the theater box office. It’s best to pick up tickets day of the event. Each box office has its own procedure for putting tickets in the box office so I recommend day of the concert. HD opera has no box office so I must send these tickets to you by mail. I try to confirm the date the tickets are sent. Let me know when you receive them.

In the last few years I’ve had to add a service charge for each ticket to cover my costs. Although I am a volunteer there are a great many expenses.

I need new names. Our numbers diminish. Sometimes, new names equal better prices. You can help me.

Joseph Beinhorn |

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