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Dear Friends of GlobalShare, Greetings! We hope this message finds you well. The took a task to assist the clinic of the Organization for the Advancement of Afghan Women ( to prevent CoronaVirus from spreading to the nine communities of Moshwani Payan Village. The clinic, founded by OAAW in 2005, has 60 visits/day on average. It provides FREE internal medicine, pre- and post-natal care, birth control, dental, vaccinations and minor surgery. The Covid-19 outbreak brought by returning soldiers is now an added load to the clinic staff, teaching patients and community, sanitation procedures to avoid contagion, as well as provide the cheapest antiseptic like soap and diluted alcohol. As it is the clinic is in dire need of basic disinfectants, additional medical supplies including vitamins, iron, and other necessary medicines. The delicate situation of patients and rudimentary condition of the clinic leave both patients and staff highly vulnerable to Covod-19 contagion. The aim is to raise $5,000 to purchase the basic disinfectants and medications available at low cost in Afghanistan so at least 2000 of the clinic's patients can ward off virus transmission. To donate, Our heartfelt gratitude for whatever you are able to share.  Also, feel free to share this invite with friends. Respectfully, Marie Luarca-Reyes Executive Director +1 212 758 7686

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